“The combined efforts of Barber’s story telling here along with that of Jacobus and the fight coordination designated throughout lends visibly as a tribute to classics like Zatoichi and Blind Fury. … Blindsided [The Game] is an evolution of that creative growth and an exemplary bookmark of the kind of vision that this creativity hinges on.”

Film Combat Syndicate

“I couldn’t think of a better way to spend 45mins than watching Blindsided starring Eric Jacobus and directed by Clayton Barber. Lovely character work from Eric, great sense of fun and of course action that you can rely upon. Go watch it!!”

Scott Adkins – Triple Threat, Accident Man, Boyka

“Zatoichi meets The Cincinnati Kid in a movie that is all kinds of fun for diehard action fans.  Every movement, every bit of choreography feels seamless and smooth as silk in editing, with the numerous choreography veterans showing how it’s done in a way that you will be hard pressed to see anywhere else in today’s cinema outside of southeast Asia.”

The Movie Elite

Blindsided: The Game is an awesome 45 minutes of funny martial arts cinema. It’s something… that you absolutely have to see. If you like well made, exciting martial arts action flicks, you need to see Blindsided: The Game.”

“Jacobus’ star may indeed be on the rise as he’s doing more feature work behind the scenes and even played Kratos in the latest critically praised God of War video game. So as a calling card, Blindsided: The Game should allow for those involved to use it to proudly display their work. The film is definitely worth seeking out for action cinema devotees or lovers of the blind swordsman sub-genre.”


“At only 45 minutes, it feels like the pilot of a kick ass action series. It is gritty, filled with competent martial arts sequences, and is well shot. It melds tense moments and interesting twists with the expertly crafted martial arts fights, creating something that feels somewhat like a “hard boiled” detective story mixed with a throwback kung-fu actioner.”

Farsighted Blog

Blindsided [The Game] is not only a sharply-written film, but it does provide some very memorable action sequences and some pretty decent performances as well.”

Major Tom’s Movies

“The action and fight choreography in Blindsided: The Game is absolutely top notch and will get your adrenaline pumping… These guys know action and these guys love action. And that love of the action genre radiates from the screen.”

Bulletproof Action

“A multitude of fighting, cool moves and many cans of whoop ass are emptied… This is a great film, professionally acted… it is important to note the tight editing and transcending musical score that makes this a winner.”

Dan’s Movie Report